Parallel Institutions

While I’m a big fan of society, I think that institutions tend to evolve from “useful” to “mandatory”. But the Shockwave of the Future washes over old institutions more readily than it does tight-knit groups of individuals. So I try to surf that wave.

  • I teach at the Lighthouse experimental school in Holyoke, MA, using the Makerspace as a project-centered focus of socioemotional learning.
  • Instead of a company, I cofounded a coöp of independent game designers, the Owl & Raven Game Design Cooperative, closed after four years and several careers launched and accelerated.
  • Instead of going it alone in game sales, I founded the mutualistic Indie Bazaar to help fellow micropublisher/designers to earn money and fans.
  • Rather than relying on investors, I was an early adopter of crowdfunding, relying on them to fund my daily experimental creative work. I have done four Kickstarters so far. (Two under my own name, one for a client, and one with a fulfiller’s name.)
  • I taught autodicatic techniques and mutualistic learning based on both my experiences at Hampshire College, an experimental institution, and and the play-based pedagogy of Jean Piaget.
  • Rather than seeking out publishers for my work, I publish my own games, illustration, fiction, and criticism at my Patreon-funded site, xenoglyph.