Over the years, I’ve given lectures, sat on panels, participated in group projects, and taught classes. Here’s a small selection of those from the last five years. You can seem more detail in my CV.

  • 2010 Invited by Kickstarter to present at PAX East on a panel about running a Kickstarter project. Shared the stage with a group of creators I really respect, including Max Temkin of Cards Against Humanity.
  • 2011 Invited to the MIT Gambit Game Lab Cardboard Jam. Over the course of the weekend, co-designed a really good tile-laying game called Light Fuse and Get Away.
  • 2012 Invited by Kickstarter to present my game Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack at PAX East.
  • 2013 Presented at PAX East and Connecticon on small publishing and game design. Presented on a panel for the MIT Games Circle on crowdfunding.
  • 2014 Sat on a panel for budding game designers at Arisia and PAX East. Lectured at Denver Comic Con on the aesthetic and historical principles shared by the game, setting, and LEGO design of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. Curated the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Presented at Penn State Altoona on the place of gameplay in human culture. You can see the slides from that presentation here.
  • 2015 Moderated a panel of designers discussing the first principles of game design, sat on another panel about techniques for micropublishing at Arisia. Sat on a panel at PAX Prime about being an effective and compassionate ally to underrepresented populations in the age of Gamergate. Sat on several panels at PAX East about the society-altering function of science fiction in games, as well as about design, marketing, and publishing.
  • 2017 Presented on panels at PAX East about designing with a conscious mind toward the sociopolitical assumptions and cultural climate of the players.
  • 2018 Presented on a panel at the NEON retrofuturism convention called Nazi Cyberpunks 4Uc x0FF about representing the punk ideals of “kindness over politeness”, in defiance of the consumerist, Fascist undertones of much of the cyberpunk genre.