Support My Students

Thanks for supporting my students!

You can help in a couple of ways.

Support my position monthly.

Lighthouse pays me what they can, but it’s not much. I get a healthy hourly rate, but they can’t afford to keep me around as much as they, my students, or I want. You can help me enormously by supporting me, the Lighthouse Makerspace, and my kids by paying directly for my hours as I write about my experiences to the Punk Pedagogy blog!

The Makerspace wishlist

For the last year or so, the Makerspace has been supplied by enthusiastic strangers on the Internet like you! As we discover needs, use up materials, or wear out tools, I add them to our wishlist. Please help by getting us some tools and materials! Some are really specific, like Arduino development boards, which we buy in bulk, or modeling clay for sculpture. But some are for the basic human needs of the students, like water filters. Please see if there’s something we need that you can afford!